Company profile

Dear Clients,

Let us thank you for the interest that you have demonstrated. It is with pleasure that we use this opportunity to inform you of the tax-consulting services offered by the Sircelj Consulting Co. We sincerely hope that you will find our offer acceptable and that we may reach an agreement on our future co-operation.

It is a fact that we will do our best to provide client-tailored solutions, based on

understanding the requirements and expectations of our clients, and, no less, understanding the significance and scope of tax-consulting services. As has been mentioned, we perform tax-consulting services relying on in-depth expertise and rich experience, always trying to provide the answers needed.

We kindly ask you to have a closer look at our presentation and, once you have done so, raise whatever questions you find unanswered. We will then make a joint effort to provide the best answers to them.

Thanking you beforehand for your attention, we look forward to our future co-operation.