Why choose Šircelj Consulting

We expect many tax-related issues to be involved in everyday business operations - either strictly business- or, for that matter, organisation- and finance-related issues - and we will address them all to come up with expert proposals. You will findour proposals to be based on a high level of expertise based onthe following:

  • Šircelj Consulting Co. being an active participant in Slovene economy, as regards both business- and tax-consulting proper,
  • Šircelj Consulting Co. performing its business- and tax- consulting activities with a focus on specialisation, by engaging top field specialists,
  • Šircelj Consulting Co. providing a complex approach to the topic of taxes and other contributions, including complete services,
  • Šircelj Consulting Co. working hand-in-hand with specialised institutions worldwide, which makes the company qualified to provide international tax-consulting services,
  • Šircelj Consulting Co. using the most up-to-date data transfer technology, as a strategic information support to the solutions provided.
  • Šircelj Consulting Co. keeping up with the latest developments in the tax-system and policy sphere, again providing us with the necessary input that we need at performing our services.

That, in short, is why we believe ourselves to be in a suitable position for providing top quality level consulting services.